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👋 Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Anania’s knowledge docs! Here we’ll address your Anania related interests and questions. We are as excited as you are to take on this journey, let’s get started!

Core Idea

Anania was built on the premises of deriving desired information from piles of data accessible to an average non-tech savvy person. Creating the shortcut of writing lines of codes and SQL inquiries to asking analytical questions asked in basic english.
Upload your data by using the "Connect Data" button and choose your data source format
Add Data
Preview the data from the "View Data Snapshot" section
Preview Data
Finally ask your question in the search bar
Ask Question


Demo Web App
Before starting with your own data test how Anania works with our Demo data sets. Not sure what to ask? There are some suggested questions that can help you get started and tweak your creativity. On our website you can find more demo showcases on popular public data sets.
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